We get asked at least 5 times a week to provide a quote on an upcoming wedding.  While we love working with families on such an important event, there seems to be some families that feel that since their event is a Wedding, that caterers automatically charge a lot more money.  While I cannot speak for other companies, I can tell you that CRISP Catering pricing is not based on if the event is a wedding or not.  Our pricing is based on the quality of food, the level of staff (usually more due to set up, passing hors d’ oeuvres, cake cutting and clean up) and amenities that the venue offers. Items that are important to us and could effect pricing are

  1. Potable Water
  2. Kitchen on Site or do we need to rent a kitchen
  3. Distance from our “home base”
  4. Is the venue expecting a separate fee from us
  5. What responsibilities we have for rental deliveries, pick ups, trash removal and cleanup
  6. Power for equipment
  7. Lighted area for us to work at night

These items and more are reasons that pricing can change.

In our almost 16 years in business, we have found that our clients like their quotes to be complete and accurate from the beginning and not add any surprises.  This does make the starting process a little more “involved”, but it make for happier clients in the future.  This is mostly the reason we do not have “preset” wedding menus.

On our website at CRISPcatering.com, we have a wedding tab that asks for information on your upcoming event. Please fill it our as complete as possible so that we can provide a quote that will make you happy !!!!!

BTW—- Congrats on the Engagement !!!!

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